Thursday, November 3, 2016

The Tree

The Tree

I have to stop and look and look again at this one  Just what is going on.  It looks like maybe a reflection.  Or is it a cave?  Why is there a tree?  Is there a map of a melting USA? Do you see that or is it just me?  Just odd?


jacki long said...

I love it all, the blue, the subtle blends
& of course that great stamp!

Cate Rose said...

This one is lovely. What seems to attract me more than anything else is the color combo of the elements you use. Thanks for your comments on my last several posts. Happy Friday!

Anonymous said...

Great use of elements, colours and angles - my eye really moves round all of the pic.

tgarrett said...

Love this one John- the composition is just terrific- love that diagonal- makes for a great slide for the eye.