Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Happy Family

Happy Family

I have used the eyes in a previous spread but just love how they command a piece.  

I got a new toy yesterday.  When I was in California last month I was introduced to the Polaroid Zink printer.  It prints 3" x 2" photos directly from an iPhone or iPad.  The photos have a sticky peel off backing for easy adhering.  I researched this printer because I do not have an iPhone and I was having trouble finding out if this little printer would work with an iPad.  It does and was very easy to install. I also have a mini Instax Polaroid camera that is new to me.  So I am set for taking and printing small photos.

1 comment:

jacki long said...

Like this piece a lot, and was intrigued how you
make a photo seem part of the composition and
not an add-on. You do it!
Glad you got the printer, picture me jealous here in SoCal!♥