Saturday, November 26, 2016

Graffiti Series #3

Graffiti Series #4
Once the gesso dried I did an acrylic wash over the paint to add a bit of color.  I did all 24 substrate steps in two settings....one side and then the other...gessoed all and then colored all with the wash.  I did leave a bit of white gesso on occasion which was colored in a later step.

Although these are not postcards, one could do the same process making postcards and once they are all done you have a series of postcards that you can go to when an occasion arises.  This happened today for me.  I needed two thank yous and what better way to do that than with a handmade postcard! :-)


tgarrett said...

Another winner- love this color is wonderful terrific composition

jacki long said...

Catching up! As I enlarged & studies, as you know I do ...
I could actually picture you working, great memories!
having that frame of reference from our idyllic retreat.
You mentioned they not postcards, so the size is?
Great interactive composition!