Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Tight Rope


Tight Rope

Last week I got a belated birthday present bag from a dear friend.  She had wrapped all the gifts in this most wonderful diamond patterned paper which I had to save and use in this spread.  As frequently happens I was working on something else at my desk when I remembered I had red, blue, and white popcorn paper.  I made diamonds out of that paper and covered some of the diamonds of the birthday wrap.  This background had a circus feel to it and so I found the tight rope walker and the rest just came easily because life is a like walking a tight rope.


jacki long said...

This is wonderful, John. I love the composition and balance.
Great papers inspire, right?

tgarrett said...

This is wonderful John- And YES life is walking a tightrope!

Robert said...

I love the diamond background paper as well. Life has been like walking a tightrope, particularly during the past 14 months!