Saturday, May 22, 2021



Transition was a fun postcard to make.  I used all magazine ephemera for it.  I had a half portrait face which I altered in Photoshop to make the whole face and then printed the it.  It took two printings to get the head proportional to the rest of the body.  The torso and legs came from different magazines.  I called it Transition because there has been so much in the news about transgender issues.  When or when will politicians wake up to the fact that we are all different people and everyone needs acceptance?


Robert said...

Wonderful background colors and patterns in this piece. And, I love the way the sunlight highlights the post, the sweater, and the figure’s hands. The wide-eyed distant stare of the figure certainly should give anyone pause about the acceptance of others no matter their differences!

jacki long said...

This is really good and I can tell you had fun. This one took a lot of time?

Elsa of Lake Forest Park said...

Yes to everything here. Their face!