Monday, May 31, 2021

12 Mini Journal Project - 301

12 Mini Journal Project - 301

 Mini Journal No. 3 has an Asian feel to it.  Enjoy!

I am a bit bummed because Blogspot as of July 1 is not going to send out emails everyday announcing a new blog entry.  I know many of you have expressed joy in receiving a daily announcement of my work and it has made it easy for you to view it.  My blog will still be active but one will have to go to it without a morning email.  Darn!


jacki long said...

Another great start, I look forward to each day, John.

anonymous said...

That's a nuisance about the emails - it was such an easy way to see your new work. I shall miss them. xcr

julia said...

I intend to bookmark your blog site so i can easily check in on your work, john! Life is changing..i suspect covid has a lot to do with people’s choices...i notice a lot of bloggers migrating to instagram.. your blog is so interesting! And so easy to navigate...i enjoy it very much! You know that!