Friday, May 7, 2021

Alligator Alley 08

Alligator Alley 08


Today is the last of the eight spreads in the Alligator Alley mini journal.  I have an idea for my next mini journal series which will be housed in a very special box/stand that I have all thought out but have yet to create.  So watch here for the unveiling probably next month.

Saturday, tomorrow, I will be teaching a workshop online with the Everett Public Library in celebration of World Collage Day which is on May 8.  The workshop is at 4:00 Pacific Daylight time.  Here is a link for the information.......   World Collage Day Workshop - Crowdcast

The workshop will remain online for the foreseeable future so if you do not tune in on Saturday you can still catch the workshop at a later date.

Video of Alligator Alley....


julia said...

I totally loved this series john! The depth, color and SURPRISE with every page, was just fabulous! Thank you! And good luck with the workshop..:-)

jacki long said...

Another great little journal, I love it.
Everett is lucky to have you teaching, I will be out of town but will try to catch it later? Have fun, I know you are in your element.