Thursday, May 20, 2021

Barney Howls

Barney Howls


Using a glue stick to stick on letters takes a lot of patience.  I tried a new way of doing it this time.  I added glue stick to the substrate and added the cut out letters using my exacto knife point.  It worked really well and much quicker than other times.  Now to see if the letters remain.  It is much easier to add letters with matte medium but that is a problem when one has glued the background down already with glue stick.  The background paper often lifts when matte medium is applied.


jacki long said...

Yes, I think glue stick and matte medium are not close friends. I marvel at your cut letters, your skill in making them and your talent for using them. They do add a lot!
Happy weekend.

Robert said...

Barney is adorable! Love the process for attaching the letters. I often use Golden matte varnish as glue for fragile or ancient ephemera and use the same process.