Sunday, May 16, 2021

What's Up Doc?

What's Up Doc?

 This one is a bit like the Exquisite Corpse made famous by a group of artists living in Paris during the early twentieth century.


jacki long said...

This was fun, thanks, John.

Robert said...

Love all the shades of gray, here! And with the black T-shirt, all those neutrals really makes the skin colors of the arms and hands POP!

julia said...

Hi john...i am continuing my practice of waiting for about a week, and then enjoying a series of your collages....i like how it all unfolds for me! And what a surprise this week...the rabbits are terrific, and then an awesome gorilla thrown into the mix! I can’t get over how you appliquéd those tiny letters so perfectly in a circle ...and yes, where IS alice? Maybe she is actually in a gorilla suit in the tall grass...that would have made sense in that story also..
Great work, john!