Wednesday, May 26, 2021

12 Mini Journal Project 104

12 Mini Journal Project 104

 There is more to the story about the crow and the lens cover.  Thanks Lindsey of sending me the link.  Over the years of feeding the crows mentioned in yesterday’s blog entry the children were rewarded for the generosity.  Little shiny objects were left on the feeder by the crows as a thank you for the food.  Here is the link..... https://www.boredpanda.com/8-year-old-girl-gets-gifts-from-crows-gabi-mann/

Video of mini book 1 of 12


jacki long said...

Great story. I love this layou, Jo0hn.

tgarrett said...

I have to say this mini journal spread is wonderful- I LOVE crows and ravens. Someone is going to be very lucky to have that journal. Crows and Ravens have always been important to me- I have been drawn to them for as long as i can remember- when we were in Minnesota we had a raven family the lived near our house in the woods. Here in Albuquerque- we had an amazing experience- while walking in the Bosque one afternoon-we came to an area where literally hundreds and hundreds of crows had gathered in the cottonwoods- I had never seen so many crows all at once and the noise was so loud. Perhaps I should do my own crow or raven mini.

julia said...

really wonderful, john...i am enjoying my new method of checking in once a week and seeing the flow of the work....this little book is so special! and it is so obviious how much pleasure you get out of making them too!

Robert said...

Love seeing the video of this mini book, John! Crows are so smart. My granddaughters in Ballard enjoy two crows who sit on the telephone wires outside their house and call for them to come outside to leave them little treats. They have given each of them names which, of course, I don’t remember.