Wednesday, October 21, 2020

52 Pickup No. 2 - 89, 90, 91

Part of the fun of collaging is the hunt for ephemera.  Just the right piece of a single scrap can change the entire composition.  Auditioning ephemera is so important.  I know right away if a piece is going to work or not.  It somehow speaks to me.  I guess that has something to do with experience and training.  It also has to do with luck.  Every once in awhile it is good to go through ephemera stash as there are treasures waiting to be used that you might have forgotten about.


jacki long said...

All three are delightful! I always enlarge and study.
I especially like the color intensity in these three.
If forced to pick it would be the guy, but I love all three.

Robert said...

My favorite is the female boxer who seems a bit perplexed to find herself in a boxing ring In a pleated skirt and a pattered blouse. The words on the card say “Love what you do” and I’m thinking she’s going to have to work on that for awhile before she is totally comfortable in the ring. Love the thin, angled black lines and dots in the background.