Tuesday, October 20, 2020

52 Pickup No. 2 - 88


This card stands alone today.  He could have been in a group of three but at the point of organizing he was an outlier.  Back to three tomorrow.

Update on voting.....yesterday evening I checked to see if my ballot had been received by the elections office and it had.  It is easy to check your voting record.  Just put in “ballot received plus state” and you should see the links to that information.  I think the next step is to verify when it is counted.  Not sure when that will be in Washington state.  I do know the earlier your ballot is in then your vote will be included in the election night returns.  At least that is what happens in Washington state.  I know several states can not count ballots until the polls actually close state wide.

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jacki long said...

Your little man looks like how I feel with all the ugly, hateful politics and news. I studied the various local propositions and found some to be the opposite of the tv ads.
It is tiresome but necessary to go over. I will post my ballot soon, as soon as I feel I have a firm decision. The big decision was made years ago.