Sunday, October 4, 2020

52 Pickup No. 2 - 40, 41, 42

Two-fer Sunday.....

52 Pickup No. 2 - 40, 41, 42

 Saturday got away from me.  I was trying to solve several computer issues and once I had them taken care of I did not not want to be on the computer anymore yesterday.  The computer sucks up so many hours.  I have to tell myself I have other things to do. I can see why some parents limit their children’s time on the computer.  It is a great tool, but there are other things in life, too.


jacki long said...

Again, I like how all three compliment each other.
If I had to pick, it would be the one-man band?
But I don't, so I love all three.

Robert said...

Love all of the action in #41 with the word “LONE” stamped up in the corner. I especially love that the accordionist’s face is hidden in shadow which, for me, deepens the mystery (something I always love!)!