Sunday, October 25, 2020

52 Pickup No. 2 - 102, 103, 104


This is the last of the 52 Pickup Series number 2.  I have another 52 Pickup to share but will share other series first. Stayed tuned for the 52 Pickup Detective/Crime Series in the new year.  I tend to take an idea and go with it for a period of time.  That is what happened with the 52 Pickup.  They were so fun to make and so I kept making them over a two year or so period.  Originally I think Seth Apter did not think of these cards as being two-sided.  Maybe he did, I can not remember for sure.  However, since they became a sort of obsession I just did both sides hence the 104 cards.  Sometimes I even did the Jokers.

Tomorrow I debut my new obsession. :-)


jacki long said...

Sorry to see the end of this series, it's been great!
Today I like the clown, even though Clowns are not my favorite.
You'd think I'd like them with the color and boldness, right?

julia said...

John, i’m with jacki. It’s been a great series! The depth and scope of your work is simply stunning..looking forward to your big surprise!

Robert said...

Great series, John! Looking forward to the new one tomorrow! Mixed media obsessions are the BEST!