Thursday, October 15, 2020

52 Pickup No. 2 - 73, 74, 75


Funny how I first noticed something about all three of these cards this morning.  It was not planned but all three of these people have their mouths open. I find that amusing that it is the first thing I saw when I began writing about them.  I was not looking for a similarity.  It was just there for me.


jacki long said...

I hadn't noticed that their mouths were open, but after enlarging I decided that you have such a perfect formula for this series, similar, but all complimentary to each other. So good!

julia said...

And what a metaphor for people of all stripes today!! Too much information! And too many loud opinions! Maybe this trio is a message for mask-wearing..:-)
They are terrific, by the way, john.

Robert said...

Also, notice that two of the three use the same phrase “Make It Yours”, something I don’t remember happening in any other series of three from 52 Pickup No. 2!