Monday, October 26, 2020

Mini-Journal 01


Mini-Journal 01

At the beginning of October I began a workshop on mini-journal making by Roxanne Coble.  I must say it is one of the best online workshops I have ever taken.  Roxanne is very organized and an excellent instructor.  She developed the workshop around in-person workshops that she had given and I must say that I felt like I was in an in-person workshop online.  Roxanne has about a dozen videos in the workshop. I love listening to her voice.  It is very soothing and the techniques that she uses are just plain fun.  She gives demonstrations and talks about her choices throughout each video.

In this first spread of eight we were tasked with creating a spread with a quote in mind.  My spread represents the Sandman.  Something that I had never thought about is that the Sandman actually never sleeps.  How could he as he is busy putting everyone to sleep as day becomes night around the world?   He is chasing the 24 hour clock.  Hence my NOT!

It is not too late to take the workshop if you are interested.  Here is the link.....


jacki long said...

Very interesting, I look forward to more.

Irene Rafael said...

Poor Sandman he must be exhausted! He must get much satisfaction from putting everyone to sleep though. I could sure use his magic some nights but I won’t be selfish. It’s a fun spread!

tgarrett said...

Love this one John-and the quote and your thoughts about the sandman. It was a terrific workshop and I am glad I took it. Thanks for posting yours.