Thursday, October 1, 2020

52 Pickup No. 2 -31, 32, 33


52 Pickup No. 2 -31, 32, 33

Keen is the weirdest one of all the cards.  It is the hardest to detect the main focal image against this background.  I did like the figure when I cut it out but I do not like it as  much added to this background.  Oh well, one or two that do not seem to work out of 104 is not too bad.  I do not often respond to comments that are left on this blog.  Please know that I love reading what you have to say and please know you are appreciated.  Thank you.


jacki long said...

Great series, John!
I like the mystery of keen and the composition of the strong guy.
I am always amazed of your cutting skills.

Robert said...

That is ONE tall hat in “Keen”! “Inspires” is one of my favorites of this series so far!

julia said...

Your commentary with your posts invites us to look more deeply, john and so do the comments of others..i personally think you are wise to have not gotten into the habit of responding daily to our comments...that would be another obligation that can get overwhelming!
I have a friend who comments daily every comment..and how to come up with something new and interesting!?
We know you read them! And in return, i hope you understand that while i look every day, i don’t always comment..but i’m here! We all are, i suspect..:-)
Hello everyone!