Thursday, November 23, 2017

Urgent C 04 - A New Shabby Chic Series

Urgent C 04
My definition of shabby chic came from an experience I had once in Paris.  We were on vacation and I had gone out for a walk alone.  I love to explore alleys and cobbled streets.  I walked up what turned out to be a dead end.  To the left and right were wonderful houses behind walls and vegetation.  When I turned around there was a dog standing in the middle of the street staring at me.  Having been bit by a dog once I am a bit weary until I know the score.

I started speaking to the dog and its tail started wagging.  I was pretty sure I was safe.  If I wasn't I was in for a bad experience because there was no where to go but toward the dog.  Escape was past the dog.  Just then a woman came out into the street to see what had happened to her dog. She heard me speaking and said hello to me.  She was also an American who lived in a wonderful house.

We started chatting away and I mentioned how I loved the dead end street where she lived.  She wanted to know if I would like to come in! I said I could not right then and she invited me back for drinks later on.  I took Tim at the appointed hour.

The inside of her house was lovely, but it had a bit of a worn look and she called it shabby chic.  Wallpaper was peeling off the walls in places.  It needed a new paint job.  The furniture was flea market type.  In all, it was perfect!  I loved it the minute I set foot in her house.  That will be twenty years ago next summer.


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jacki long said...

Great, great story.
I picture the blonde as the homeowner inviting you in.

jacki long said...

And thanks for the Banksky fix. ;o)

anonymous said...

Isn't it a bit scary how - as one gets older - it is possible to drop '20 years ago' into a sentence and feel like it is yesterday?