Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Menko (Kitty and Crow) Series -17

Kitty and Crow Series 17 
I rather like the difference in size of the triangles in the background on this one.  Having not looked at this piece for awhile I am wondering if it seems crowded?  There are a lot of shapes....maybe not too crowded but full.

I was interviewed on a radio show along with Anne LaFever.  We were on ARTbeat Northwest on KKNW 1150 yesterday.  The radio station archived the show and I listened to it this morning.  I think it turned out pretty well.  Here is the link.... https://1150kknw.com/archives/eastside-art-beat/  if you would like to listen.  The show is 30 minutes long.


Francis Bacon: A Brush with Violence (2017)



jacki long said...

Nice interview John, felt like we had a visit! ;o)

anonymous said...

Yes - I so enjoyed hearing your voice! I LOVE voices. Maybe you should start putting out YouTube videos of your classes?

Irene Rafael said...

Aww John! Miss your voice.