Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Menko (Kitty and Crow) Series - 23

Kitty and Crow Series 23
Usually I stamp my chop mark in the bottom right corner of a piece of art.  Focal points were in the way and the upper right has the hole for the Chicago screw.  Black makes a kind of X in this piece, corner to corner.  I like how I broke up the "sun" as it give the piece an Asian feel.


1/2 The Culture Show - Venice - A tale Of two Cities



jacki long said...

I love this one and especially the spotted cat! ♥

anonymous said...

Me too. Sucker for yellow. And I like the feel of your chop repeated upsidedown by the hole, the bird's eye and the cat's mouth. Repeats are ace.

tgarrett said...

I have been loving this series John.

Irene Rafael said...

All the elements and colors work so well. You never cease to amaze!