Thursday, November 9, 2017

Menko (Kitty and Crow) Series -18

Kitty and Crow Series 18
Yesterday I was chatting with my friend, Jeannie, about my art.  We were looking at my new Sumo Series that will appear on this blog later on, probably in the new year.  She said that the images on my blog did not do justice to the actual work.  I have heard this before.  There is something about the texture in my work that does not photograph well.


Robert Rauschenberg - Pop Art Pioneer Full BBC Documentary 2016


jacki long said...

I love you work and look forward to every post.
I did try and experiment and e-mailed it to you.

anonymous said...

It's weird what reproduction does - ever since I learnt that scanners are CCD or CIS and I would be better off with CCD and bought an Epson that was reduced because the model had been overtaken, things have looked up. It is the opposite for me - the image on-screen is actually 'better' than the original!!! (And sometimes I throw artwork away that I don't like the surface of - but it looks okay on the monitor.) Of course it limits me to the size of the scanner bed unless some fancy patching is done in Photoshop and life is too short for that - and I like it to fit in my book press anyway to get a good overall adhesion. Good to have some limits I guess.