Monday, November 13, 2017

Menko (Kitty and Crow) Series -22

Kitty and Crow Series 22
This morning I took the Chicago pin out of the series to unbind it.  I wanted to look at all of the series individually.  I like the fact that the Chicago screw holds them all in place but to look at them individually taking the Chicago screw out is best.  My friend, Jacki Long, took one of my Kitty and Crow Series pieces and manipulated it in Photoshop to see if more texture could be achieved for the pieces shown on this blog. Remember I had commented on that a few days ago.....the pieces look so much better in person.....  There was a difference.  As I add more pieces to the queue, I will experiment in Photoshop.  Right now I have about 60 pieces in the queue so it will be awhile before we can discuss the benefits.  I am being lazy and do not want to have redo the lineup.  Thanks Jacki for the experiment.  Jacki is a master at Photoshop.


Henri Matisse A Cut Above the Rest(2013 - 2014)

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