Thursday, June 8, 2017

Tacket Binding - 4 signatures - small

After completing the two previous tacket bindings I decided to try out a smaller book with four signatures.  I also wanted to do more stitching and used a more complicated jig.  In case you do not know about jigs, they are used to put the holes in the spine.  I learned more about paper choice on this book because the spine is now concave.  Although I still put in a double spine, it bowed in.  I do not mind that but I image that is not proper.  I have not discussed it with a professional bookbinder, but I have not seen any that are concave either.


Japan Metro Rail Monorail Line  .....thanks Jacki Long for the link. Fascinating to watch the monorail workings.


Jacki Long said...

Wow! I think this is so gorgeous!
The colors are perfect and
I really love the stitches,
Concave or convex, I'm clueless ...
I just love it!

Catherine R said...

Looks okay like this but I found if I ever made a 'book' with concave back it fell open. ? something to do either with the width inside or the tightness of the muslin fabric joining the pages to the cover. Hope you get some pro advice to help you.

tgarrett said...

I admire your skill and patience in your book making- I have never done these complicated (to me) bindings- I find that while I usually make my own journals to work in- it is a simple binding with space between signatures that works for me. I often get paint on my covers so I have never spent a lot of time on the covers. I have done a few complicated book structures and I will say those are still blank inside.