Friday, June 16, 2017

Secrets 18 - Mrs. Matzo

Mrs. Matzo
In late April I was visiting Portland, OR and went to lunch near the now closed handmade art bookstore, 23 Sandy (it is open online only).  The "store" where we ate had deli items, seafood, and a variety of groceries that were unique.  I went  around snapping photos of food items and  I came across a chip bag with the image of a wonderful woman who I am calling Mrs. Matzo.  I cut her off the bag to create this collage.  Thanks "Mrs. Matzo,"  I love your image.

Danilo Brito -


Connie Rose said...

Love Mrs. Matzo! Love this entire new series. Hugs

anonymous said...

I like the gentle colours and fun image on this one.

jacki long said...

Mrs. Matzo is terrific!
Great eye, John!