Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Secrets 19 - What Did Monkey Say to the Flies?

What Did Monkey Say to the Flies?
Busy times around here with company from Canada.  I totally forgot to publish yesterday.

This is Secrets 19.  Aren't the flies and the monkey just great?


#MoreThanARefugee  -  Yesterday I saw a piece of art about hate groups in the US.  It was shocking how many registered hate groups there are in this country....when I say shocking it was thousands upon thousands. There is a story for every immigrant in our country.  We need to listen to those stories with compassion.


jacki long said...

This piece is lovely, and I especially like the uneven boundary.

anonymous said...

I have a total phobia about flies, especially bluebottles if you call them that in US. So this piece makes me freak out whatever its artistic merits!