Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Tacket Binding - 2 signatures

Last April I went with art friends to the Newport Paper and Book Arts Festival.  What a thrill that was.  I took a two day class with Margo Klass in Tacket book binding.  We made two books, one a two signature book and the other four signatures.  Tomorrow I will show that one.

As you can see we made windows and we created something that I had never made before, waxed papers.  It is easy, just iron wax over the dictionary page.  That is what you see in the window. Be careful though, it is brittle and cracks easily.  I incorporated the crack in my piece and it makes it just that much better in my mind anyway.  You know about lemons in lemonade!

Tacket binding was found in the tombs of Egypt.  You can read all about it by doing a Google search.....here is one write up from the NY Book Arts group....

The tacket binding is one of the most beautiful of the historical models to reproduce. Defined by coils of thread snaking up and down its spine, it is simple to construct and dazzling to behold. This form of binding has been used since the the second century AD, in Nag Hammadi bindings, using leather and papyrus. Tacketing is a form of exposed binding, in which each folio is sewn directly onto the spine, rather than combined into a single text block, with visible stitching. Thread is then wound around the spine stitches, creating a distinctive look.

Ted Talk - Pickpocket entertains.......

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Jacki Long said...

Beautiful bindings! I so admire those skills.
Thanks for the fun TED talk too! ;o)