Wednesday, December 16, 2015


One of my students in my Monday garage workshop suggested that we make Christmas tags to exchange this month at our monthly session.  So the group agreed.  I even made tags for my Tuesday group.  It was fun and I am not sure what I will used them for....perhaps bookmarks or hanging on the tree.


Brian Kasstle said...

These are fantastic John! What a wonderful idea for the holidays!

jacki long said...

Beautiful John, and the posterize makes the great design show up and pop!
MaryAnn asked me if I knew you all played in your garage? I told her, yes.
And, that if I were in driving range I would make a pest of myself and you'd end up closing up,and hide, waiting for me to go home. ;o)

anonymous said...

Amazing, John. You wouldn't need to attach a present! Hope your Christmas is as colourful.

tgarrett said...

Very fun- it's always fun to exchange art with friends!

amy of studio four corners said...

I've been on a tag making adventure too - made tons that I sold over the holidays - mini art that seemed to speak to people...I love the idea of you hanging them on the tree!

Cate Rose said...

Awesome tags!! Your mail art pals might like receiving them!