Sunday, December 27, 2015

Paint Transfer

Doesn't Have to Mean Anything
I have a journal that I made out of envelopes from letters, mail art, and whatnot.  The journal is a place that I add bits and pieces from time to time and practice a technique that I want to use in other journals.  So this morning I wanted to try a paint transfer again.   I love paint transfers but I tend to be impatient and want to hurry up the process.  The transfer might turn out better if I let it dry naturally. I seem to always speed up the process with a hairdryer though.  I do not mind the decaying or distressed look of the image when rubbing takes more off than I planned.

The left hand side is the transfer.  I manipulated an image in PhotoShop and printed it.  I then painted white paint on the substrate which is the interior of an envelope from a friend.  I painted white paint over the printed image and burnished it to the substrate.  Once it was dry I rubbed off the fiber backing to reveal the image.  Next came adding collage materials to both the left and right substrates. I like to tie the two side together somehow and that was done with a bit of gray material and some stenciling.  I do not necessarily feel that the composition has to mean anything.  I leave it up to you to decide if there is a story here.  I can always come up with one for myself if I desire.  Guess what?  I have and it involves LOVE! :-)


tgarrett said...

I love the look of the transfer- and I so get the impatient part- hard to wait on those things but here the wait sure was worth it- wonderful spread John.

Brian Kasstle said...

I love the transfer too. A wonderful spread John! You sure seem to be back to your prolific self! So wonderful to see!



jacki long said...

So inspiring.
I love to enlarge and just study
& enjoy the beauty of the layers
and the blending.

anonymous said...

Never tried using paint rather than medium - like the result you have got much better. Thanks.