Saturday, December 12, 2015


Self Portrait 01 
Self Portrait 02

Self Portrait 03
Last June my art buddies, Thomas, Terry, Brian, and I met in Minnesota for a week of art.  Brian had suggested sometime last year that we should do a book of self-portraits.  Terry surprised us with journals and the suggestion that this year we create a self-portrait for each of us to put in the journals. I finally got mine done last week and mailed them off to the boys.  Mine are my interpretation of a Chuck Close portrait.  I had designed a lesson for this type of portrait that I eventually taught at the Schack Art Center in November to a group of teachers.  So it was perfect for creating and sending to Brian, Thomas, and Terry.  Our journals have room for six portraits.  I will have to get busy to fill the two extra spots!


jacki long said...

This is wonderful John!
I feel so lucky to have a version and the wonderful ATC
that I had admired with the exposed corrugated cardboard.
What an exquisite piece! Thank you John, I look forward to each & every post!

tgarrett said...

I just love these and I am so glad I have one of them- I am pondering my approach to my self-portait. Thanks so much John.

Seth said...

This technique lends itself perfectly to the self portraits. Very cool.

Brian Kasstle said...

Oh how I love mine! I feel so luck to have one! I am also pondering what to do with my self-portrait!

Thank you so very much John! I treasure our friendship!

Hugs Bri