Saturday, December 5, 2015

Italian Gothic Postcard

Italian Gothic Postcard
Every once in awhile I dig out people I have used in pieces previously.  My Italian Gothic men have made appearances quite a bit lately.  I have been cleaning up my desk which is unbelievably messy and I found some postcards that I had already started.  In about an hour Italian Gothic postcard came to be.  I used a stenciled background, deli-paper paint off papers, PhotoShopped images that had been altered, and my new love, faux encaustic.

Italian Gothic Postcard No. 2

Italian Gothic Poscard No. 3


anonymous said...

No. 2 is my favourite here. I liked these men in their previous incarnations too. You use so many processes - very impressive!

tgarrett said...

Love these John- I do that too- recycle images and have favorites that appear in my work often. You always try so many different things as always thanks for sharing.

Cate Rose said...

Loving these!

jacki long said...

Enlarging and enjoying each one ...
unable to pick a favorite,
other than the one I am looking at, at the time?
Wonderful work as always, John!