Thursday, December 24, 2015

Asian Journal

Asian Journal
I am starting a new RR with new friends mostly in California and a few "old" friends in Washington and Colorado. So I made a journal for eleven spreads.  I had some rice paper ledgers which I used for the cover and then I stenciled a simple design over this paper.  I added a dragon button that I found on Orcas Island.  It was ready to go when I shared my journal with Tim and he said, "This one is staying home, right?"  I guess he liked it.   SOOOOOOOOOOOO  I am making a second journal and then I will decide which one is heading out on an eleven month journey.  Stay tuned.


jacki long said...

This is so cool John, lucky for those wherever it's headed!
I haven't started mine, but soon? Merīkurisumasu !!!
Your card is on it's way, but typically, it is late! ;op

anonymous said...

Ah well - home is where the heart is, I guess!