Thursday, August 13, 2015

Coupeville 2015

Coupeville #1

Coupeville #2

Coupeville #3

Coupeville #4

I have just returned from an amazingly wonderful experience teaching with Terry Garrett and Brian Kasstle at the Pacific NW Art School in Coupeville. We created a meander journal over three days. It was a push to get it all done but the results were totally amazing!  There were 13 terrific students in the class.  I can not stop thinking about the long weekend creating with Jan, Lisa, Cindy, Jacki, Betsy, Tina, Greg, Irene, MaryAnn, Marilyn, Elizabeth, Celeste, Wendy,  plus Terry, and Brian.  Thank you to all of you for making this a special weekend for us all.

I will show the remainder of the what I have created over the next few days.  


jacki long said...

Thank you John! You , Terry and Brian were such a perfect trio, that I too keep reliving such a wonderful time. Haven't come back down yet! I love your work and how they relate to each other, though I don't know when you had time? Thanks again John! ♥♥♥

anonymous said...

Great set here.

Brian Kasstle said...

These are fantastic John! I love what you did with these! It was a fantastic class with amazing students!

amy of studio four corners said...

these are wonderful! so glad that your class went well - sounds like it was tremendously creative and inspiring - way to go!

Seth said...

From the looks of these pages, the workshop went very well!!