Friday, August 14, 2015

Coupeville Part II

Coupeville # 5

Coupeville # 6

Coupeville # 7

Coupeville # 8
One night while in Coupeville Terry, Brian, and I wanted to play the prompt game.  It is so much fun and we always play when we get together.  Several students from our class played along as well..:-) Jacki, Jan, Irene just to name a few.  Each in turn gives out a prompt.  When we were done we had a new spread to work on.  This time we used large sheets of mat board.  We then cut them up into postcard size.  I finished the postcards when I returned home.


anonymous said...

Sounds fun. Like #5 - On how to kill giant insects!

tgarrett said...

So fun to see these finished John- I have started to lay things on mine but haven't finished any yet. As always wonderful work!

Seth said...

Love the graphics you have chosen for this series.