Friday, August 21, 2015

Remember Who Are Gone

Remember Who Are Gone
I have an address book that is falling apart.  I can not bear to change to a new one because when I go through it I find the names of friends who are no longer here.  Someone told me that I should add a memorial page in the new address book giving a place for those guys to remain.  I think that is a perfect solution.  It seems we do not hear about AIDS as much now that not so many are dying of it. I am just going down a memory lane at the moment.


Cathy Farrell said...

That's a beautiful way to honor and remember those who are gone

jacki long said...

I know what you mean. I have birthdays listed in mt calendar, and when more and more pass, I can't bear to delete them, so I change the text color and leave them. Thank you for my wonderful Coupeville postcard, I have it here by the monitor to enjoy. ;o)

tgarrett said...

This is a very moving post. I like the idea of honoring the friends with art.