Sunday, August 30, 2015

Insect Convention

Insect Convention
This is the second spread in my surprise for Terry Garrett's birthday.  The unveiling continues now that we have power returned after the 60 + mph wind storm we had yesterday.  Trees were uprooted and many branches down.  The electricity went out on Orcas Island where I was but not at my city home in Mountlake Terrace.  We just got our internet connection back.  No phone yet.  Rain coming all week.  We need it so I am not complaining. :-)


Cate Rose said...

How cool! Wow, what a storm! We sure need rain, we had about half an inch yesterday but none in the forecast for the coming week. Hoping the predicted El Nino this winter ends our severe drought in CA. Really love that spread. I have a growing collection of very cool insect stamps from various countries. Maybe I'll do an insect zine soon. Thanks for your great p/c! My latest zine to you soon. Hugs.

jacki long said...

Love this John, the movement and the color scheme,
Your words are perfect and lend to it handsomely.

anonymous said...

Super background. Hope the rain extinguished the fires you spoke about.

tgarrett said...

Love this John.