Friday, February 13, 2015

Round Robin Journal - Brian Kasstle's

I am in a round robin with Brian Kasstle, Terry Garrett, and Thomas LaBadia.  Terry made each of us an accordion journal with enough room for each of us to do a two page spread. Chance Meeting is my spread.  In addition, the "owner" of each journal created a background on the reverse side.  All four of us add to that side.  I added the exerciser.  Now it is Terry's turn to add to Brian's journal.  Too much fun!

Chance Meeting

figures added to background


jacki long said...

So cool, you guys are great!

Cate Rose said...

Very cool. I especially love the shorthand background!

anonymous said...

Brilliant idea - I shall make some gampi+shorthand instead of text or shapes for collage forthwith!
The apparent movement of the figures going R-L is so discombobulating! I want to turn them over - it's a great way to make the eye linger.