Sunday, February 22, 2015

Bad News

Bad News
This month I made two 8 x 8 collages for my RR group.  We send an 8 x 8 collage to one of seven members every month.  This collage is different from most of my others as the figures are raised with Styrofoam dots.  I did not know if it would fold properly but it does.  I can't decide if it will be in my foldout journal or one of the other members gets it.  The woman who is crying looks like she is levitating in this photo but in the real work she is grounded.

Can't you just see Mom and Dad have been given some bad news by their daughter?  Dad looks stubborn. Mom seems to be concerned although I think she just got home and has found out after Dad.  Perhaps you have a different take on this.


Brian Kasstle said...

John, the poor woman just found out the man she was promised to marry was just killed in the war. Secretly she has fallen in love with another. It's all a show for her parents.

anonymous said...

No, no - Dad said she can't join the circus with her Mr Magic boyfriend so she replied, 'Too bad, Dad - I'm gonna take off anyway.' As you suggest, Brian, she doesn't really look heart-broken.

jacki long said...

I agree with Brian and Catherine, definitely crocodile tears.