Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Tea bag paper happiness!  One reads about how some people are intimidated by the blank white pages.  Although I have never had an issue with starting a journal spread, I can understand how some might.  Using used tea bags is another way to begin creating a work right away. Adhering the empty tea bags onto the substrate gives texture and color immediately.  One might think that the rest comes easy but it does not.  I carefully audition the rest of the collage papers.  Some feel right and some don't.  I am getting better at just gluing down the papers as soon as they feel right even though the rest of the collage still needs thought.  I have faith in myself that I will find a way to complete the work.  I know that if something seems just not right that the collage is not done and I keep working.  I always find a solution.

This piece is called Monday for two reasons.  First, I found a piece of ephemera with that word on it and, second, I completed the work on Monday. :-)  All my ephemera is coming from when I cleaned out my mother's house after she died.  I probably have enough ephemera for the rest of my life.   At least I have enough old letters and photographs for a long time.  Two wabi sabi works down and more to go.


Cate Rose said...

You're lucky to have all that great old ephemera, especially from your own family! This is another great spread. Love this more minimalist work you're doing.

amy of studio four corners said...

I LOVE THIS! and if you feel that you need to unload some of those old letters, you know where to find me!

jacki long said...

I love this wabi sabi series John. I keep thinking elegance.
And I love the word audition for pieces in the collage … that's perfect!
A totally wonderful spread in every way. ;o)

anonymous said...

This is lovely, John. New style for you with the quieter colours and 'made by hand' look. I too kept some items in handwriting from clearing my mother's house. E.g. some very grubby and mangled mixed banknotes from Egypt and environs from the 1940s labelled 'feelthy lucre!!!'. Handwriting is so evocative.

Brian Kasstle said...

John your wabi sabi work is wonderful! I think you could keep going with these! Wonderful.

tgarrett said...

This is stunning John!