Friday, February 6, 2015

Shabby Chic Journal

About ten days ago I attended a book arts meeting of the Belltown Book Artists.  One artist, Meredith Arnold had brought along a fabric accordion journal that she had made.  She called it her Fool You Book.  I was so motivated by this book and Meredith's skill that I started making one the next day.  I call mine The Shabby Chic Journal.  First, I do not sew...much anyway...I taught myself what I know. I am not all that careful and my skill level is lacking.  However, with that said, I love shabby chic and I got what I love.  I have added four pockets in the journal for whatever I desire.  I might put some of the many mail art postcards I have gotten recently in them or I might make something specific.

This past fall I heard about sari ribbon.  I actually had forgotten all about it but when I started working on the shabby chic journal I remembered and so I ordered some.  I am so in love with it now that I will most likely be making something else with it in the near future.  Watch out round robin groups!  I also decided to start pinning things in this journal and found colored metallic safety pins online which do the trick just fine!  The front pocket is a transfer that I did which I added grommets to and then hand-sewed to the journal.  I did machine stitch the bottom of this pocket.  I had a totally fun time creating this journal. :-)


Cate Rose said...

That is SO cool, John! Way to go. And thanks for the great p/c I just received! Have a lovely weekend. Are you getting flooded up in Seattle like we are in Humboldt??

jacki long said...

Gee I love it, John!
I join you in the love of sari ribbon, so rich and gorgeous.
You are amazing, I eagerly await each post!
Just today got the "Runners" postcard, and you are so kind!
I love it, thank you so much! ;o)

anonymous said...

Your creativity and energy never fail to amaze me!

Seth said...

Very cool John. And I also love constantly seeing how you take an idea and make it your own. Very impressive.

amy of studio four corners said...

very impressive - for someone who says they don't sew, you do very well! I love it!

tgarrett said...

You are so amazing John.

ingridp said...

Now we are getting closer. Feel related to you when I see this post. I am in a sewing period and making book covers toooo.