Monday, February 23, 2015

Envelope Accordion Journal

Envelope Accordion Journal (closed)

Envelope Accordion Journal (open)

Envelope Accordion Journal (flat)

I created six mini-collages to fit in the pockets of the envelopes.  Most of the ephemera is what I cleaned out of my parents home when we were settling the estate.  Many of the photos I do not remember seeing although I am in two of them, one when I was about three years old and the other around seven.


Cate Rose said...

Terrific book and great collages!

jacki long said...

These are wonderful and inspiring John,
thanks so much for sharing.
I love the idea of treasures in envelopes,
which is what you have created! Fabulous!

anonymous said...

Stunning way to combine heaps of 'stuff' into satisfying pieces even if the total sentimental meaning is only for the few. I made some assemblages in glass-fronted boxes I found in IKEA with similar sort of stuff but they take up so much room - this is much neater and you can get it out to look at now and then like rolled up oriental paintings.

Unknown said...

Book ia amazing and love the collages too, I think I might try something similar with all the envelopes. Good to see all the British stamps making an appearance in the collages, if you should ever run out of British ephemera, I would be pleased to send you some more( I have a vision of yiou holding you head and saying "no no not more"

tgarrett said...

So very wonderful John

Seth said...

Sooooooo cool. I love the look of this.

tgarrett said...

I would be thrilled- you are a wonderful and generous artist