Sunday, February 8, 2015

Awoken By a Fly

Awoken By a Fly
Who has never had a pesky fly noisily buzzing around the house?  You know the one that evades you as you chase it around trying to catch it with the fly swatter.  Awoken By a Fly is dedicated to all of you who understand how maddening it can be to have to spend valuable time following this undesirable creature.  Why is it that a fly seems to make more noise when it is up against a window? It can see the outside freedom but it it can not find the way to it.  Some years seem worse than others. I wonder what the upcoming fly season will bring?


Cate Rose said...

Great card. Mosquitos are WORSE!

jacki long said...

Well that's the coolest fly I've ever seen!
I wish you could see me enlarging your work
and smiling at your choices and details, I am such a fan!

anonymous said...

You find the most amazing figures to put in your images, John. Love this poor chap in his tribulation. Super composition and colour choices. I LOATHE flies.