Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Madeleine No. 2

Madeleine No. 2
Madeleine No. 2 continues the idea of her brooches or pins.  I learned a lot about PhotoShop while putting this piece together since I created the silhouettes.  I also used a slew of applications on my iPad to manipulate the collage of Madeleine that I had made in the Madeleine No. 1 piece.  I loved manipulating my images to create each new Madeleine.  I almost called it the Madeleine Choir.
Getting the "brooches" small enough so you can still see them but so that they do not overpower was a challenge.  Each of the three pieces in this series will be mounted on cradle board which I have never tried before.

I just found out that this piece has been accepted into the NW Collage Society spring show.  It will be held at the Bellevue Art Museum beginning mid-May through June in conjunction with the Madeleine Albright pin show.


jacki long said...

I think this is really wonderful John!
A lot of time, I am sure, but so worth it! ;o)

Claudia MB said...

A choir was the first thing I thought when I saw this fabulous piece, too. Or "The Singing Madelines." I like the distortion of her gloved hands in the lower right.

anonymous said...

Glee Club Fantastic! Is she holding a flower headdress bottom right maybe? I like the slight leaning in of the top right figure - a new version might make each one a different height and 'lean'? Lovely - I'm sure the triptych is going to look amazing.

Cathy Farrell said...

I just love this, John! Speaking of cradle boards, I did a few using Jane Davies tutorial. The video link is on her website.