Friday, March 12, 2021

The Boxer

The Boxer

 I have never understood boxing.  I do not understand any kind of fighting.  The distortion of this man’s face represents my concern for what some people call sport.  How can that be a sport when one is hurting someone else?


jacki long said...

I like this, and I think I can tell that you were having fun?

Elsa of Lake Forest Park said...

I’m with you John.
Grown people hitting each other. The spectators worry me most.
This fellow appears to be a a morph of the two.
Could be a boxer who has taken a blow too many, definitely cockeyed from it and has a cauliflower ear.
But, then as a ringside fan he appears to be taking a demented delight in the action. Creepy.
Very powerful,

Lynne said...

this image is very disturbing and disconcerting to view. That means it is getting the message across perfectly; hitting people for sport and cheering the practice are very disturbing and distorted.