Wednesday, March 17, 2021




I think Gate must be a gardener or at least works outside.  His jacket reminds of those yellow slicker rain jackets.  Maybe he is a fisherman but I think more likely he works on an English estate keeping the garden beds in shape and minding the hedges.


jacki long said...

Love this and especially the slicker! Great series.

julia said...

Well, since i have been doing all my family research, i see this man as someone who owns a cart in 1836. He takes people from the train station to the next village..his route is from the train to the pub, 6 miles away. He offers this service on saturdays at 2pm

Elsa of Lake Forest Park said...

His eyes are surely “the window of his soul”. He has known sorrow and loneliness.
Your narrative is apt.
I am seeing a lot of depth of character in these portraits.