Sunday, March 21, 2021

Dancing with Mona

Dancing with Mona

 I have not done an Exquisite Corpse in a long time.  For anyone who does not know about Exquisite Corpse it is where one does separate heads, torsos, and lower bodies and then puts them together as one.  The head is Melvin.  You remember him from an earlier post.  Melvin is in love with Mona Lisa and visits her daily at the Louvre.  Melvin is rockin’ to a rock and roll version of Mona Lisa.....  https://youtu.be/AIRx9MPBJEc


jacki long said...

I think his head and body look great
I love how the fun you are having, shows!

Irene Rafael said...

Love Melvin! I didn’t know about exquisite corpse. I did a few with this week myself. What a coincidence!

Elsa of Lake Forest Park said...

I just adore Melvin, funny little wind-up toy man.
Suitable as inspiration for an assemblage.
Your portraits have character!