Monday, June 1, 2020

Front Page Headline

Front Page Headline

I got a piece of snail mail with what I think is a Moo sticker from my art friend Elsa.  I had just the right piece of ephemera to go along with it.  Remember from your history lessons about the election of Harry S. Truman for President.  The headline read that Dewey had won the election.  There is a famous photograph of Truman holding the newspaper with that headline.  Hence, this piece just came together.  I love how there is not only movement because of the paper boy but also there is movement because of the cat tail.  Works for me!


jacki long said...

Me too, works great for me.
The colors and movemnement!
Another winner!

julia said...

great post john! i love the composition!

tgarrett said...

Dynamic composition- all works so well together- wonderful John.