Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Staple Collage Series - 05

Staple Collage Series - 05

Several years ago one of my followers on this blog sent me a package of photograph that she had inherited.  They were all from an album of her relatives but she did not know any of them and were meaningless to her.  Rather than throw them away she gifted them.  Lucky me!  I still have some of them and since many are very light I have not used them until now.  I think the lightness is intriguing and very soft.  I like the gradation of color in this collage.

I also finished another journal.  I took an online workshop from Roxanne Evans Stout called Winged Messengers.  In this workshop we were use images of things with wings.  I decided to just concentrate on bees.   Here it is....


jacki long said...

The pale composition is lovely, John.
And, you book is bee-utifu!
I especially love the pockets and hideaways.
We can tell you had fun!

Elsa of Lake Forest Park said...

Such rich history of our valued pollinators.
I can almost taste the honey and feel the warm amber wax.
Ooh, that cover.

Lindsey said...

Love the Bee Book! What kind of binding is that? Very fun.

anonymous said...

Fantastic bee book - love it. For some people this could be a year's output so I continued to be amazed at your total works. xcr

julia said...

My heart feels sad when i look at this woman on the horse..and i feel like she has disappeared into the dimness of time, because no one knows who she is! But you are breathing new life into her and remembering her life with your work..and john..the book is simply stunning!
Sometimes, i imagine i can hear you chuckling with some of your choices...there are not enough excellent words for what you have done here!