Thursday, June 25, 2020

Man on a Mission 2

Man on a Mission 2

Today is the last day of the junk journal series.  There are 56 collages in this journal.  This journal could be called the Corona journal since I did all of the work during the pandemic.  I also was not feeling well during this time and I did most of the journal in bed.  That was a challenge but it worked.  I usually work with matte medium but each of the junk journal collages was done using glue stick.  My table top was a clipboard.  It all worked in my opinion.  I hope you enjoyed some of the works.  I loved using bits and pieces of envelopes and ephemera that I have collected from snail mail sent me.  Thanks for that because it made this journal a collaboration in a sense.


jacki long said...

Really interesting to know how you made the series.
I did enjoy all of the series, and today's reminded me of Dick Tracy a bit?
You told me you were better, are you okay now?

Elsa of Lake Forest Park said...

Strong hard lines and geometric shapes nicely contrast the image doing the silly walk!

I’ve really enjoyed this series. Wonder what’s up your sleeve next?

Oh, and early Happy Birthday! Fellow Gemini.

julia said...

this man on a mission seems to be saying: i’m outta here! he’s perfect for the last page of your journal....hopefully he is you, and on to better health!
what a strange year, eh?

Peg said...

This guy is adapting to something causing the funny walk. Kudos to you for adapting to your circumstances and creating a new way but you keep on trucking/collaging. Thank you for the creative inspiration/imagery.