Monday, June 22, 2020



In Seattle and perhaps other places in the country there have been many bicycle fatalities. Before the pandemic there was an increase in people riding bicycles to work and for enjoyment.  You see people in Lycra taking their sport very seriously.   It seems that with more bicycle riders there are more bicycle accidents.  I know mostly about the fatalities because every time there is one, a painted grey beat up bicycle is positioned close to the accident site.  The bicycle is covered in artificial flowers.  There is also a note attached to these memorials telling about the people who died.  I imagine there are less of these accidents because there are less people on the streets now.  


anonymous said...

There are heaps of cycle fatalities in London too - I shudder to think of the years when I merrily dashed down from Hampstead Village and often went round Hyde Park Corner with bags of shopping on my handlebars. I do wonder about those markers for accident sites - often think they may spark another mishap by distracting people,like rubberneckers on the motorway's opposite lane! Take care! xcr

tgarrett said...

Love this piece but yes sobering about the bike fatalities. I like to bike I have not done that much as I just can't keep up with Ron and he needs to do it for cardio so I walk mostly now and have come to love that- there are some of those bike memorials you mentioned along the bike trail here-