Thursday, June 11, 2020



I debated and debated over this one.  Should I add more.  Finally I went with it and left it basically just three elements.  I do not remember who sent me the card with the buildings on it.  Thanks to that person though.


jacki long said...

Really nice movement, balance and color as is.
Another winner in my opinion, John. Have a great day.

julia said...

It’s so interesting, isn’t it? When to stop? Almost every artist i know struggles with that question at one time of another...
Luckily with collage we can always glue something else on top, or rip it off for a white space...or scribble on it!
Great piece, john!

anonymous said...

I love the interplay with the bike coming one way and the yellow line which I read left-right going the other. Nice design work! xcr

Elsa of Lake Forest Park said...

Nice freedom here. The biker sailing effortlessly downhill, capable, confident.
Delivering a birthday cake, a new hat, three pizzas or a set of hand tailored face masks?
Gives me hope.